“Andrew Rogers’ music is reminiscent of a gentle sea that secrets the power of its waves beneath. Angels guide Andrew as he allows the music to flow – surrendering, channeling, improvising.  Deep and moving, relaxing and healing, the music empowers and enlivens mind, body, and soul.” – Barbara Keefe

Meditation II Cover

Beyond Light

At the request of His Holiness Cealo, Andrew Rogers has created a new meditation CD. This CD has two tracks – one is for 20 minute meditations, and the other is approximately 50 minutes long. The music on this CD is very powerful and many have reported transformative experiences during meditation.  Cealo says that his music “has perfect harmony and balance.”

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Meditation I

In the summer of 2004 His Holiness Gayuna Cealo (a Buddhist monk) was in Lansing, Michigan. Another musician invited Andrew to play music during a public meditation. The music so transported Cealo, that he asked Andrew to create a CD for meditation. This CD was the result. This popular release contains music for 15 minute and 50 minute meditations.

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Angelic Whisperings CD cover

Angelic Whisperings

Angelic Whisperings was Andrew’s premier CD. Tuning in to the Other Side and Expanded Realms, Andrew gathers wisdom in the sacred notes that build and soar before him. It is profound music. Massage therapists and other healers agree. Understanding the power of sound vibration to the body, Andrew and many other sound healers know the strength of this work, but it doesn’t take anyone with a special talent to feel the effects and to enjoy the rewards of this moving music.

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